Have a look at the Notarized Authorization Letter and get the printable template of the same in our article ahead. We are going to provide the template for the notarized letter of authorization for the legitimacy of the authorization letter.

Authorization letters are undoubtedly very convenient on most occasions as these letters help the individuals in various scenarios. However, these days the letter of authorization is also popular in major fraudulent activities as well. It’s therefore important to check the legitimacy of these authorization letters before granting the legal implications to these letters. This is where the role of a notarized authorization letter comes into play.

The notarized authorization letter is a certified and approved letter by the notary public. The notary public subsequently checks the legitimacy of the letter and then ultimately recognizes it as the legitimate authorization letter.

How to write Notarized Letter of Authorization

Well, as we have discussed that the notarized authorization letter is all about checking the legitimacy of the authorization letter. The format of the notarized authorization letter is a bit different from the routine authorization letter. Here is how you can design the format for any notarized letter of authorization.

  • Use the appropriate title or the heading for the title of the notarized authorization letter for a clear understanding of readers.
  • Next mention the separate subject line as the notarized version of the authorization letter.
  • It will help the readers to know the fact that it is the notarized authorized letter by the notary public.
  • Also, provide the legitimate address of the person writing and signing this notarized authorization letter.
  • You can also provide the details of the affidavit that may be enclosed within this notarized authorization letter.
  • Furthermore, you should leave some space in this authorization letter for the signature of the notary public that will make the letter fully notarized.

Sample Notarized Authorization Letter

We are here covering up the sample of the notarized letter of authorization for the sake of all our readers. We believe it would help our readers in providing the practical exposure of a notarized authorization letter. So, we are here taking the sample of travel notarized letter of authorization for the reference of masses.

To whom it may concern

I, Charlie Ford hereby the father of Mr. Michael Ford sign this authorization letter for child travel to allow him the traveling in the Emirates plane. I’m writing and signing this letter of authorization to child travel in the presence of the notary public for my region.

I render my free consent to allow him for this travel as it will benefit him to explore the new opportunities in the UAE. I also have disclosed the period of this travel authorization letter for my child. The authorization letter further contains all the prospective dates of travel and the period of his staying in UAE.

I kindly request you to approve my letter of authorization so that my child can travel freely to the UAE. You can also get in touch with me to seek more information on this letter of authorization to child travel.

Thanks & Regards
Charlie Ford

Template of Sample Notarized Letter of Authorization in PDF, Word

You can here get the interactive collection of our sample notarized authorization letter templates for your usage. We have these sample templates in various digital formats such as PDF, Word, Docs, etc. You can accordingly choose the desired format and then use it to prepare the notarized authorization letter. Feel free to share the template with others as well who want to draft the notarized letter of authorization. We believe it will definitely add utmost value to any letter of authorization for all the right reasons.

Notarized Authorization Letter

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Notarized Authorization Letter Template

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