Check out the authorization letter for child to travel and make the traveling fully feasible for your child. Readers can use our printable templates to prepare this formal letter for children to travel.

Traveling for the underage child is never easy since there are so many barriers to the traveling of the kids. One has to get permission from the respective authorities in order to take the underage child on a journey with you.

For instance, if you are willing to travel by plane then you would have to seek special permission for your underage child to take with you. The respective authority considers all the factors of the child traveling and then accordingly grants permission.

How to write Authorization Letter for Child to Travel

Being the legal contextual authorization letter we always recommend using the formal format for the authorization letter for the child to travel. It’s because the respective authorities expect the formal application of the same from the applicants.

You can here check out some of the points of consideration as per which you should draft the format for this authorization letter.

  • Write the title of the authorization letter in the center of the letter.
  • Next, start the letter by writing your name in the letter as the parent of the child.
  • Now write the name of the respective travel authorities to whom you want to address this letter.
  • State the objective of the letter in clear words and then the salutation as well to the reader.
  • Start the body of the letter by introducing yourself to the reader as the parent of the child.
  • State the objective of the letter yet again and also provide the name and other brief details of the child.
  • Mention the name of the child and the reason for seeking travel permission for the child.
  • You need to emphasize here the fact as to why this particular travel is significant for the child.
  • Also, provide the travel destination and other major details of traveling.
  • Try to convince the travel authorities for granting permission for child travel by providing some legitimate cause.
  • At last end the authorization letter with regards and gratitude to the reader.

Sample of Authorization Letter for Child to Travel

Have a look at our sample letter for children to travel here. We believe it would be very helpful for you to draft your own authorization letter in a similar way.

Sachin Sharma
Southwest Colony PO 872309
Kolkata, IndiaDate- DD/MM/YYYYSubject- Letter of Authorization for Child to Travel

Abhisaar Sharma
Head of Blue Moon Travels
P Block, Kolkata, India

Dear Sir
I’m writing this authorization letter for my child to travel to the state of Maharashtra via the tourist bus of Blue Moon Travels. I’m writing this authorization letter as the parent of the child to seek permission on his travel with us. We are actually planning to shift from Kolkata to Mumbai due to professional reasons. We find the Blue Moon travels as the safest mode of this inter-state travel. Our child would also be traveling with us as we are making the permanent shift from here.

With this authorization letter, I request to seek permission for our child to travel with us. I hope that you understand our compulsion of traveling with the kid and approve our travel authorization letter for the child.

Thanks & Regards
Sachin Sharma

Letter of Authorization for Child to Travel in PDF, Word

You can here get the exclusive template of the authorization letter for the child to travel. This is a formal template and you can therefore use it as the form to draft the letter for child travel. We have several digital formats available for the template such as PDF, Word, etc. You can accordingly choose the desired format that meets your requirements. You can also share the template of letters for children to travel with other individuals on the web platform.

Authorization Letter for Child to Travel Template

PDF | Word

Authorization Letter for Child to Travel

PDF | Word

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