An authorization letter to bank is one of the most convenient methods in the banking domain. This letter plays a huge role in granting the powers to some other person to conduct the transactions on the bank account of an individual.

This authorization letter to the bank comes very significantly when an individual is not available to deal with his/her bank with their own name. On such occasion, the authorization letter appoints some other person who can act on the behalf of such person.

Format of Authorization Letter to Bank

You will most probably require the formal format in order to draft the authorization letter to the bank. It’s because the banks mostly deal in the legal context so you need to be fully formal in this context.

You can here check out some of the important aspects of the format of this authorization letter to the bank.

  • Start the authorization letter with your name as per the bank records and also provide the address.
  • Next address the bank in the letter along with the address of the bank branch.
  • Now mention the subject for this authorization letter to the bank.
  • Write the salutation to the bank manager and then move on to the main body of the letter.
  • You need to introduce yourself as a genuine customer of the bank.
  • Narrate the objective of this authorization letter and then introduce the person whom you want to appoint.
  • Provide all the basic and required details of such other person in the authorization letter.
  • You can now state the reason for this particular authorization letter to the bank.
  • Mention the periods for this bank authorization and also state the set of transactions.
  • At last, once again confirm and affirm the authorization letter to the bank and then end it on a respectful note.

Sample & Example of Letter of Authorization to Bank

You can here check out the sample or the example for the authorization letter to the bank. We believe it would enhance your learnings of this sample letter so that you can accordingly write it for yourself.

Larry Page
76897 Majestic View
Nevada 45675, USA
July 27, 2008Tom Harley
Central Bank
Marine Drive
Nevada 45675, USA

Dear Sir

This is the formal and official bank authorization letter in the favor of Mr. Johny Fisher. I hereby authorize him as my proxy to undertake all kinds of withdrawal transactions on my behalf. I’m also enclosing the period of this authorization letter along with the highest limits of withdrawal amounts. This authorization is taking place on the ground of my poor health due to which I’m unable to visit the bank myself.

Kindly acknowledge this bank authorization from the immediate effect. If you further have any kind of inquiry regarding the same, then kindly contact me.

Thanks & Regards
Larry Page

Authorization Letter to Bank Template in PDF & Word

We are here offering the formal temple for the bank authorization letter to all our readers. Our templates are available in various digital formats such as PDF, Word, etc. The templates meet the legal and formal eligibility criteria for the bank authorization letter. So, feel free to print the template and use it for your own purposes of authorizing someone on your banking transactions.

Authorization Letter to Bank

PDF | Word

Authorization Letter to Bank Template

PDF | Word

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