Are you planning to travel abroad? If yes then you may need to have the authorization letter to travel with you. Having the letter of authorization to travel with you will make sure the convenient and legally feasible travel for you.

The letter to travel is in fact required across the various countries for the purpose of immigration and the tourists’ travels. Here in the article, we shall provide fully printable templates and samples of authorization letters to travel for all our traveling enthusiasts.

How to Write Authorization Letter to Travel

Well, the format is the very first thing that comes into play while drafting the authorization letter. We are here to discuss the format of this authorization letter so that we can help our readers in drafting this letter.

  • Start the letter with the broad title on the top center of the letter that clearly states the title of the letter.
  • Now you need to write the name of the person by whom the letter is being written or addressed.
  • You can write the name of such person in the “From” head to the second top left line of the letter.
  • Mention the full name of the applicant along with the correct address of correspondence.
  • Next, you need to write the name of the authority to where this travel letter of authorization is being addressed.
  • Also, provide the subject matter of the letter in the next line.
  • Write the salutation part with the utmost respect to the reader of the letter.
  • You can finally begin writing the introductory part of the letter.
  • Start the introductory part with the precise introduction of yourself and also provide the objective of the letter.
  • You may now write up the main subject body of the letter which is the cause of your travel to the particular region.
  • Provide as much relevant information in the letter as you can to make the travel authorities aware of your travel contexts.
  • Keep the letter precise and free of human errors that contain no fake information.
  • You can at last end your letter with your regards to the travel authorities.

Authorization Letter to Travel Sample with Example

You can here check out the sample or the example of the letter to travel for your reference. We therefore believe this sample would guide you in drafting your own letter to travel.

Mr. Jacob Lee
1322, West Street
California USA

Mr. Robinson Dera
General Manager at Space Travel Department
76, North Virginia

Subject – Letter of Authorization to Travel

Dear Mr. Robinson Dera

I’m writing this letter to seek authorization on my travel from California to Canada as an adventure tourist. I want to inform you that I’m an avid traveler who often travels around the around as an adventure tourist. This time as well I’m planning ahead to travel across all of Canada from my native place.

With this letter, I want to seek your permission to facilitate my travel in all the legal terms from the USA to Canada. I assure you that I have met all the eligibility criteria for this particular travel. I have even enclosed the list of my luggage that I would be carrying during the course of my journey. Kindly do have a look at all the details and then feel free to contact me if you require any further information on this travel authorization.

Thanks & Regards
Jacob Lee

Authorization Letter to Travel Templates in PDF & Words

Well, to make your task easier we are here compiling several templates of the letter to travel. All these templates are fully printable and you can therefore easily print any of them. The template subsequently meets the format criteria of the letter to travel across all the travel authorities.

Authorization Letter to Travel

PDF | Word

Authorization Letter to Travel Template

PDF | Word

You can therefore get these templates in any of the desired formats for your proper letter to travel. For instance, we are having the templates of authorization letters to travel in PDF, Words, Excel, etc formats. So, you can conveniently use it for your requirements.

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