A travel authorization letter is one of the most significant letters when it comes to allowing individuals to travel from one place to the other. The letter is primarily used in the case when parents want to allow their minor kids to travel from one country or region. to other. Here in this article ahead, we are going to provide the printable template of this travel authorization letter that they can use to draft the travel authorization letter.

Travel Authorization Letter


We believe that the template of the travel authorization letter can come very convenient when it comes to drafting the letter. It will save a significant amount of time and effort for our readers who are going to draft this letter for themselves.

How to Write Travel Authorization Letter?

Well, a travel authorization letter holds the utmost significance when it comes to requesting the authorities to allow the travel of kids or other individuals. This is why this travel authorization letter must be written in a similar manner. Here below is our simple step-by-step guide to draft the authorization letter for travel.

  • First of all, use a decent template to draft this travel authorization letter.
  • Mention the name of proper authorities in the “Recipient” section of the letter and then provide your own address in the “From” section.
  • You can subsequently jump to the salutation part of the letter.
  • Now come to the main body section of the letter and then draft it accordingly.
  • Start by introducing yourself to the reader authorities of the letter and define the motive of the letter.
  • Next, introduce the person or people for whom you are making the application for a travel authorization letter.
  • Provide the genuine cause of this travel and also prove that the mentioned individuals are fit to travel.
  • Mention the respective destinations and dates of travel.
  • You can also provide the duration of the travel if it seems appropriate in the letter.
  • At last close the letter with your regards and gratitude to the authorities.

Kindly note, that these are the standard aspects of the travel authorization letter that you should consider. You can make further changes or modify the letter to suit your own purpose of the letter accordingly.

Sample Travel Authorization Letter


Sample of Travel Authorization Letter

Well, here in this section our readers can check out the sample of the travel authorization letter. We believe it would provide some decent practical exposure to them so that they can follow the same in their own letter.

Miss Shivani Pandey
Head at Global Tourism
Las Vegas, Nevada 227650
September 22, 2020
Subject – Travel Authorization Letter

Dear Ma’am,

I’m Sana Charles the mother of Tom Charles for whom I’m addressing this travel authorization letter. My son Tom Charles wants to travel to the UK on September 28, 2020, to his maternal family. With this authorization letter, I wish to seek travel permission for him so that he can get on his journey to the UK on a timely basis. He is in perfect health condition to execute this travel without any health issues. Moreover, he also possesses health care insurance which is mandatory for a minor to travel out of the country. I further wish to convey that he is following all the norms and the guidelines for this travel.

I’m hereby, therefore, requesting you to kindly grant him permission to travel with Global Tourism airlines. With this authorization letter, I’m also providing my own permission to him for this travel in the legal context. If you have any further queries then you can reach out to me at my address or the mentioned contact number ___________

Thanks & Regards
Yours Truly
Sana Charles

So, this is the sample letter for the travel authorization and we believe it will guide you in drafting your own letter. Feel free to share this travel authorization letter sample with others as well.

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