An authorization letter for child can be very convenient at times both for the parents and the child in some hard scenarios of life. Any one of us may need to draft this type of letter in some of the unpleasant and hard occasions of life. Here in the article, we are going to provide an easy guide to draft this authorization letter with utmost ease.

The article would also provide some of the fine-quality printable templates for the authorization letter for the child. Our readers can use the template to draft a legal authorization letter for a child and use it when the time comes. So, proceed further with the article and find some easy solutions for the tough moments of life.

Authorization Letter for Child

Well, an Authorization letter for the child is the letter that is useful to pass the custody of the child to some other person for the time being. The custody of the child is passed on as a caretaking view to the child by some other person in the absence of parents. The taker of the custody takes the legally responsible custody of the child for the period and returns the child back to the original family.

We all experience such occasions in life when we have to go out for some reason but taking the kids along becomes the question. It’s because the kids are so young not to go on long travels for health and safety concerns. This is why one has to leave the child behind with someone else in safe custody. There could be other occasions when we let the child with others for some special purpose. For instance, when the kids are handed over to their coaches for their outstation games and other occasions.

Authorization Letter for Child


With the authorization letter for the child, the custody of the child can take the legal and safer form. With this authorization letter, the parents can grant the lawful custody of their children to others for the time being. Subsequently, it becomes easier both for the child and parents to have some safe distance from each other.

Authorization Letter for Child Template


How to Write the Authorization Letter for Child

Well, there is a very simple and easy-to-follow procedure to write this authorization letter. You need to follow some simple steps to grant the legal custody of the child to someone else. We urge you to follow the step-by-step guide to draft the authorization letter for the child.

  • Take the formal format or the template of the child authorization letter and address the letter to the relevant authorities.
  • You can also address the letter as to whom it may concern in general.
  • Introduce yourself and the child in the letter and mention the motive of the letter.
  • Next, Introduce the other person to whom the custody of the child is being granted.
  • Clearly mention the motive of the custody and also the date or duration of the custody.
  • Mention all the other terms of the custody that may be relevant in the authorization letter.
  • Keep the letter precise and short for ease of authority.
  • At last end, the letter with your gratitude to the authorities and also provide the legitimate contact information.

We believe these steps will help our readers to draft this authorization letter easily for their ultimate purpose of child custody.

Sample Authorization Letter for Child

Here in this section of the article, we are compiling some samples of the authorization letter for children. We believe the sample letter would provide some practical exposure of the letter to the readers. It will subsequently assist the parents in writing their own authorization letter with utmost ease.

Child Care Authorization Letter

To Whom It May Concern

We the parents’ Tom Curran and Shipra Curran to our child Sam Curran are writing this authorization letter for our child. With this authorization letter, we are hereby announcing the custody of our child to Mr. Ross Taylor as the legal caretaker of our child. Mr. Ross Taylor is authorized as the caretaker to our child on his sports match visit to South Africa on the mentioned dates.

We wish to make it very clear that this is temporary custody of the child for a particular occasion. We have also mentioned the duration of the child custody and legal authorization in the letter. The other terms and the conditions are also enclosed in the letter in a detailed manner for your concern.

Dated – 20/12/2020

Thanks & Regards

Tom Curran
Shipra Curran

So, as you can see this is the standard sample letter for the authorization of a child to someone else. We hope this sample letter would bring some clarity to the parents so that they can easily write it for themselves.

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